Bunny Opening Act You Don’t Want To Miss

Look what I’ve found! A Bunny Opening Act.

Watch the video below and comment on it. Better yet, pass it on to someone right away. This is something you or they don’t want to miss. You may even get a thank you, a smile or two…

This is good stuff. How’d they do that? Train a bunny and actually pull it off. I can only guess but it may take some time, a consistent and a persistent effort to make it happen, isn’t it?

Just like in running and/or training for any race (be it a 5k, 10K, marathon or any exercise activity), those 3 ingredients mentioned above must happen. Is it going to be easy? Probably not, but sticking to it goes a long way and achievement, more often than not, is attainable.

What the bunny did was great. What the trainer did was amazing.

‘Got to go run. I still have (snail) mails to send out. In the meantime go ahead and watch the…opening act!

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