Braced Up And (But Not) Down

5kgeek on knee strapIt’s not easy being sidelined with an injury but there’s always a silver lining to what happened (at least that’s how I see it). Knowing what I do now, it could be worst.

Stepping back from something you love to do is very challenging to say the least. But, runners just like you and I always find ways to recover and move on.

Yeah, we may complain about it, get disappointed and feel helpless at times but we’ll get over it. In fact we can always switch gears like doing other kind of sports activities anyway. The possibilities are endless.

Yes, I may have been braced up with a knee support but not down at all. I will get back slowly as the doctor ordered. Work with my physical therapist and hopefully can get back to my weekly mileage right away.

I have to remind myself, I was gifted with only a pair of knees and it’s best to take care of them when needed.

There’s a little knee wheel realignment to be done to go with my “runner’s knee”…

Not to worry, the black asphalt and the greens together with the dirt roads and trails will still be there in due time. For now the knee brace will work and I’m happy to use it one step at a time. Just think about the possibilities afterward.

Anything is possible if we do our best even when things seems to be down…just ask or  may I say watch Team Hoyt below.

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