Are Your Vitamins and Supplements Made In USA?

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A little work in the backyard turned out major.

I have this drafting table taking up space that needs demolition . It was heavy duty and really hard to take apart and has become sort of a workout for me.

Years back, made in USA products are of excellent quality. They were built to last…very durable.

Living in (now) a disposable society, over 90 percent of products we buy and/or use are made in China.

Good quality products are hard to find,  if you know what I mean.

These started when we’ve lost our manufacturing base here in the USA to China decades ago.

Even the food products, vitamins and supplements are now made, processed and shipped from abroad.

It’s getting harder and harder to find products that are made in the USA. If you do, the price are sky high for sure.

I’m not a health expert by any means but there’s this company that started the vitamin/supplement  industry 75 years ago. People may not know this but from it’s early beginning to this day they have made USA (and still is) their home. They’ve produced their products in this country on organic farms even before organic became a”buzz” word as we know today. I will surely want their product for this reason alone.

They do maintain quality from the soil preparation to the finish product. That is unheard of in this unregulated industry.

You have got to do your research to get top notch products. If it is labeled “Made in USA” I still can count on its quality.

You see, when I trained for the last marathon, I didn’t do much change in my diet. However, I made a decision to put vitamins and supplement into my training regimen. The result was a personal best of 4:29:59 (i did better on my goal by just 1 second). It may not be a fast time to many, but turning half a century old and the last marathon about 7 years ago, it was the best move I ever did.

I believe the products are better than anything I have tried and used before, during and after training.

Ans YES, they are made in the USA. Buena Park California to be exact is the home of Nutrilite®.

BTW here’s a news tidbit from a few world class athletes of which the company has associated with;

…Our focus for now will be to invest in our existing Track & Field sponsorships, our relationships with Silver Medal winner Jenn Stuczynski and Gold and Bronze Medal winning Sanya Richards and continued focus on our endorsement with soccer star Ronaldinho and sponsorship of A.C. Milan. Read more…

Question: Are Your Vitamins and Supplements Made In USA?

Here’s where I got mine.  Check it out here.

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