A Runners Golf Balls and Clubs

Friday, I was telling folks at work that I will go out to the golf range and hit some balls and do  a 5 miler after that.

I didn’t. I actually broke it down to 5 miles Saturday and golf range Sunday.

I haven’t picked-up my clubs in a while. So the first few hits this runners golf balls was headed in all directions. The ground is like an excavation in progress…it was not good at all. It’s like the balls and the clubs are at war.

So I have to take a step back and rethink what I’m doing and reset.

It worked. Now the balls are in line, a lot shorter than expected but right on.

I sure can use this brief experience to get back on track on my running after an injury. Step back and reset.

I do have things to reconsider and options to make but the love of running will surely get me in track even if that means running short for the most part.

‘Got to make the adjustments, lace up and get back to the black top, the trail or the concrete pavement – one step at a time.

In golf you see the target, line up the ball and try to hit it.

In running you decide how long and fast the run would be and hit the ground.

Either way it’s powered by the human will and both are fun if you love ’em. Keep on running.

Talk about running, here’s an extra short video…it’s on dog running. CUTE!

Running on golf course from Nicolas on Vimeo.

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