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Thanksgiving of 2009 was the day I made a commitment to do the Los Angeles Marathon. I have done four five six of them — the last one dating back to 2003 2010 2011. The new route is from Dodger Stadium to the World Famous Santa Monica Pier, so I wanted to be part of (something like) history. Also, yours truly will be turning big Five-O. I figured why not have 5 by 50 ( did 6 at 50).

This time I wanted to train well. My goal is to do better than Oprah Winfrey’s Marathon time of about 4:29:20 despite training all by myself. here is what I did;

What is RSS?5 Simple Steps I Did To Train For Marathon Alone

1. Search online for a running program.
I used a program from Coach Hal Higdon. (I picked Intermediate I training)

2. Join a social media site dedicated to running, walking, biking, and any workout.
Yep, that’s DailyMile for me. I do log my training here and the site serves as my daily accountability check. Plus, I love meeting new friends and the motivation I get from wonderful folks around the globe keeps me going.

3. Load up on sports nutrition supplies and other provisions for running activities.
There are many products available in the market but this is where I go. After a long run, I can do my shopping while on recovery mode. Very convenient.

4. Lace up (I have an AsicsGel TN8A3) and SHOW Up (rain or shine), then…run and run.

5. This is EXTRA – Blog about running online.

I did it. I blog about my running at 5kgeek.com. Wrote everything related to running. Posted experiences (as miles pile up), thoughts, deeds and anything in between with a SOCIAL MEDIA twist

Don’t know where blog is headed. Hope you’ll join or visit me as often as possible.

OK, I’ve made changes to the blog and decided to (now) share with you ‘biased’ products reviews on sports nutrition ... That’s me Dick ‘Di’ Cortes and my blog at 5kGeek[dot]com is called Runners Fuel Station.

I have used these products before, during training and at the races. I’m compensated doing this because of my various affiliations (aff). I’m and independent business owner (IBO) with an online shopping site for sports nutrition under the Amway Corp. and other affiliate programs.  These are few income sources I use for upkeep and to continue blogging.

This blog is a one man operation. I host and maintain my site/blog and do the comic strips, as well. I hope you like the site. Some of the designs will end up on t-shirts at CafePress (I’m working on that) later…

Come along and follow me. I’m at twitter as @5kgeek. Or simply click on the runner’s orange icon above and you’ll find 5kGeek’s subscription feed.

Watch the video below. ‘Got nothing to do with running but…watch it anyway! ‘Love it. I can watch it after a good 5 mile run. — 5kGeek

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