5 Questions to Ask Before Running a Marathon

Running a marathon is no small feat. It does require a lot of physical and mental toughness to go through the training needed and the actual race itself. Discipline and sports nutrition are some of the other vital ingredients needed as well.

Here’s 5 questions to ask before running a marathon:

1. Do you have the guts to begin?

You’ve probably heard the expression, “All glory comes from daring to begin.” Most of us dream of being successful in a lot of aspects of life. When we were young the sky is the limit. Then as we become adults and life takes hold of us our dreams starts to fade away. We begin to settle for less. Even our health sometimes take a back seat because we don’t have the guts to begin any physical activity knowing full well about its benefits. Have you the guts to embark on a training regimen to do a marathon?

2. Hows your health?

Do you have a clear inventory of where you are health wise to engage in the physical activities to train for a twenty six mile run. A doctors visit is always recommended. From there you can map out what is needed and find the provisions to keep going.

3. Do you have the support needed for the journey?

People judge you for your actions and not your intentions. With that said, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll get all the support in the world from friends, relatives and acquaintances if they see you’re serious about it. It’s amazing what people do to help specially when they believe in what you wanted to accomplish.

4. Are you responsible?

One may ask, “What’s responsibility has to do with running a marathon? Well, this is going to be your race. You will be putting the miles yourself. However, it’s easy to find any excuse for not doing it right especially when the going get’s tough. Are you willing to take ownership and be responsible from start to finish?

5. Are you ready for actions?

So you’ve answered the first four. It’s time to put actions. You can’t build anything on intentions but you can do almost anything with action.

There you go. A simple check list on whether or not you can run a marathon.

Now, if marathon is not an option for now, I challenge you into a four (4) thirty minutes per week of running, jogging or even walking regimen. We’re all busy but it’s a doable exercise program that will lead you to (I believe) a healthy lifestyle. What do you think?

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