5 Post-Workout Routine You Can Do This Summer

I grabbed a local paper this morning on the way out from a grocery store. I noticed an article on the Health and Beauty section and I thought of sharing it with you.

It’s about post exercise/workout routines…here’s the scoop;

Experts Say Post-Workout Routines Are Critical for Summer Exercise

AS summertime workouts heat up, proper post-exercise cool-downs become even more important. Whether you are a weekend warrior playing in local summer leagues or a serious runner getting ready for fall marathon season, warmer weather activities increase sweat, break down muscles and deplete the body of electrolytes and other essential

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nutrients. While most people know what to do before and during a workout to keep their bodies fit during the warmer summer months, many fall short when it comes to following a proper post-exercise routine.
Fitness expert Lorrie Henry says. “What you do after your workout is just as important as a pre-workout routine, especially during the summer when people tend to be more active.” Henry has shared some of her post-workout tips to help everyone have a fun and healthy summer season:

#1 Cool It: Take the time to cool-down after an intense workout. Spend the last five to seven minutes of the workout on a lower speed or intensity to return your heart rate to normal, and consider walking the last two minutes on a treadmill.

#2 Strech Out:
Avoid next day soreness and stretch your muscules immediately after exercise. Do the basic arm and leg stretches and move your joints by rotating your wrists, ankles and neck a few times.

#3 Keep Track: Write down what you did during the workout (i.e. miles ran, fitness classes attended, etc.) to help you keep you on target with your fitness goals.

#4 Refuel Smart:
After a tough workout, grab a nutrient-rich drink for maximum benefits. Henry shared, “It’s essential to get protein back into your body to help rebuild your muscles. Ice-cold chocolate milk, such as protein fortified low-fat Rockin’ Refuel from Shamrock Farms, tastes delicious and helps your body recover after exercise with 20 grams of protein and nine essential nutrients – making it a great on-the-go choice after a game or workout.”

#5 Take A Breath: Take a few minuites to relax and reflect on what you have acomplished. Whether you are focused on fun, fitness or both, keeping an eye on and acknowledging where you have been and where you have been and where you want to go can be a great motivator.

Remembering simple tips can help maximize your summer workout. For more information on the healthy benefits of refueling with chocolate milk, please visit RockinRefuel.com. (Family Features)

There you go. I hope it helps. Have a wonderful summer to all. Be safe and keep healthy!

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