5 Motivation Techniques for Runners

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motivation techniques for runners

motivation techniques for runners

Do you have some favorite motivation techniques for runners?

Motivation is something that all runners, newbies and veterans alike, need at times. Most runners, myself included, sometimes struggle to get motivated, much less, stay motivated.

Life is full of challenges, setbacks and disappointments. These are things runners and non-runners have to deal with. And by the way it is not reserved just for the ordinary man but for the rich and famous as well.

When faced with life’s everyday struggles we sometimes get down on ourselves.

Here Are 5 Motivation Techniques for Runners

1. Remember your purpose in running. Constantly bring to remembrance the original purpose why you got started. It may be for physical reasons or something else.

If you focus on the purpose then it will be easier to maintain the motivation to continue running.

Think about the reason behind the goal rather than the workout involved and you’ll be more enthused about taking the necessary actions to lace up and conquer the miles.

2. Add visual reminders. Keep a picture at your desk at work, on your bedroom wall, or taped to your refrigerator door to remind you of your goals, your purpose, etc. How about putting a visual reminder of breaking your personal best?

This gives your mind a target and keeps you motivated to see that dream come true.

3. Forget your mistakes. Forget the things you did not do right, or any miscues in training or anything related to your running. Everyday is a new beginning. Do not dwell on the past.

Dwelling on past mistakes won’t help you to hit your goals. You can’t do anything to change the past.

The present is the only place where you can act to impact your future running results. Use the mistakes to learn lessons on how you don’t want to perform next time around. Learn from your past and move on. There are plenty of miles ahead.

Leaving the past in the past will free you up mentally and help you to stay motivated with present day running tasks.

Focused Motivation Techniques for Runners

4. Focus on the finish line. Project your thoughts ahead breaking your personal best always. Imagine finishing strong. Imagine finishing the race with your love ones cheering you up for a race well ran!

Keep your attention on what else you need to do for added motivation in those times when you are feeling weary.

5. Do something related to running everyday. Take action daily, no matter how small. Read books and watch videos on running, etc.

Consistency works wonders for your attitude and your effectiveness. When you take small action everyday it will add to your good running workout habits.

Daily action will also give you forward momentum.

Motivation Techniques for Runners – A Video

Also, do make sure to check out Will Smith’s video, it is not about running but it motivates me like crazy!

There you go, it’s only 5 motivation techniques for runners but it is more than enough to get started. What do you think?

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