40 Last Minute Marathon Tips

The video below is titled Last Minute Marathon Tips: Shot with Niko D90.by Mike Kobal

I’ve found this as a great resource on what to do before and during a marathon? I stumbled upon it days before I did the Los Angeles Marathon. Some of the things mentioned that I didn’t do almost made me cancel or not finish the race.

Anyway, the two minute “to-do-list” video (I thought) can be a 40 last minute marathon tips…

After watching check the list below. Enjoy my friends and take care.

Last Minute Marathon Tips: shot with Nikon D90 from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Here’s the list although not in order as the video… :

  1. make food and board reservations early
  2. run for a cause
  3. drink 2-4 ounces of water every 20 minutes
  4. avoid puddies
  5. against headwind draft
  6. run even splits
  7. have waterproof disposable garments for before and after race
  8. when the canon sounds run
  9. off your hand but forget the tequila
  10. take warm clothes
  11. nerves are normal
  12. take a bottle of water to the starting line
  13. sip water do not gulp
  14. eat small sachet of salt before the race
  15. double knot laces
  16. take toilet paper
  17. set two alarm clocks
  18. eat carbs not fat on race morning
  19. go to bed at 9pm and read a novel. no worries if you can not sleep.
  20. dream of Noami Campbell
  21. get to the start area early, sit down and rest
  22. before lacing check inside shoes for foreign objects
  23. have band aid, spare pins, Vaseline, toiletries, hat, gloves, cash and spare socks
  24. have a great race
  25. humid weather = slower pace
  26. no massage last five days before the marathon
  27. do not spend more than 20 minutes at the race expo
  28. clip your toe nails
  29. last week add hours to sleep time
  30. be on your feet sparingly the day before the race
  31. eat pasta run faster
  32. jot down what you put in the bag. avoid rechecks
  33. no new shoes
  34. pack your bag the night before the race
  35. wear running gear you’ve completed a long run in
  36. secure your chip and race number the night before the race
  37. fill in emergency contact info on your bib
  38. when fatigue arrives be proud. the race is tough you are tougher
  39. everyone feels pain the last 6 miles – suck it up
  40. no spicy pre-race food

OK, that was some list. If you want more, I do have 10 More Marathon Training Tips.
If your overwhelmed come back later. For now, have a great race everyone!

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3 responses to “40 Last Minute Marathon Tips”

  1. nice tips! will share this di

  2. 5kgeek says:

    welcome James. please let our pinoy runners know about these tips. you never know when it’ll may come handy.