4 Basic Running Shoes Care Tips


4 Basic Running Shoes Care Tips

running shoes care tipsA pair of running shoes should be treated as sport equipment rather than an ordinary walking shoes or an apparel of fashion. And there are many good and practical reasons as to why you should keep your running shoes clean. If you are not certain on how to clean running shoes without causing damage, here are 4 basic running shoes care tips to help you out.

Care Tip #1: If your running shoes already have a yellowish lattice and you cannot whiten them; you can use a mild bleach or detergent on the lattice. This should get your shoes as white as possible.

Care Tip #2: After finishing from a wet run, immediately remove your shoes for running and fill them up with crumpled newspaper rolled into balls. Doing this will guarantee keeping your shoes in tip-top shape, not to mention drawing the moisture or wetness away from those wet and sloppy running shoes.

However, if the mud gets inside the shoe, or in the mesh, it will get dirty and can cause a smell. Mud does not usually break in the shoe fabric. If it does, then it will never seep down the shoe mesh.

Care Tip #3: The easiest method to clean your running shoes is to dry out the mud and then brush them off. If there are still smudges left, and the shoe looks dirty, then wash them using your hands, an old toothbrush or a scrub, and a mild detergent.

Odor Treatment: Basic Running Shoes Care Tips

Care Tip #4: Smelly running shoes are a common consequence of moldy fungi and bacterial growth living between your toes, caused by the sweat and dirt particles in your shoes. These dirt particles thrive in moist and warm environment and thus during summer is normally perfect for smelly feet.

Smelly feet is a common harm to your shoes, but you can greatly decrease the risks by letting it breathe your shoes and letting them dry after you use them, or using particular anti-fungal powders or foot sprays.

You should also consider that your running shoes have a specific life expectancy, and if you pick too strong a cleaning method, your shoe would not last any longer. Conversely, keeping your running shoes smudged with dirt can contribute to the development of wear, tear and smell.

Keep those shoes clean and remember these basic running shoes care tips.


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