300 Decisions A Day

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Runners 300 Decisions A Day

Runners 300 Decisions A Day

Did you know that we make at least 300 decisions a day?

That’s right, every single one of us will make small and big decisions daily. The challenge was, we can’t tell the magnitude of such decisions at the time.

We will make these 300 decisions whether you and I realizes it or not. Your health, career, finances, etc will depend on these later on. A scary (or happy) thought sometimes…

A highly popular motivational speaker and distinguished author started running one day. He decided to run to his front mailbox and back one morning. It turned out to be 2 or 3 mailboxes down the street and back. Then, he found himself running a mile and lots of miles as the days and the months go by.

300 Decisions A Day – A Lifesaver

He goes speaking around the US and abroad. You’ll see him in colleges and universities and to business organizations all year round. Busy as he was, he never missed his running regimen. He would run in college campus hours prior to hitting the stage. It became a habit and he is getting stronger and better all the time.

Months passed, he was in a very challenging medical condition. He’s going into a surgery and his chances of making it is against all odds. Then after the procedure, there will be were more challenges moving forward.

‘Make the story short…he made it miraculously. He’s doctor attributed the success to his great physical conditioning at the time. He was very surprised indeed!

One of the 300 decisions a day made by him months back got his body ready for the the medical battle ahead. He’s body got stronger, his physical conditioning is much better, and mentally tougher. Every single one of them very much needed to win it all.

Coincidence, maybe? You be the judge.

300 Decisions A Day – Make Running One Of Them

We have 300 decisions a day to make. Some will be physical in nature. It can be a career decision or financial, family, religious, etc. Whatever it is, you have to give it your best shot. You’ll never know how it will affect you later on in life.

If you’re a runner, start by lacing up and do it one mile at a time.

A survey was made and the difference between a 25 minute run and 25 to and hour (or longer) run was found to be marginal. The first 25 minutes is big they found.

That said, how about joining others doing three or four 25 minute runs a week and make it one of those 300 decisions you’ll make…for greater health!


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