3 Tapering Tips One Week Before A Marathon


Tapering Tips Before a MarathonI just finished the last of the long runs on my training schedule and next week will be the Los Angeles Marathon.

That means tapering week is on. No more hard training involved and the runs are more of just trying to stay loose and trying to avoid injuries.

However, waiting for “The Day” and doing nothing for days makes anyone wonder what to do?

I can only speak for myself…but I do get a bit nervous and tend to gain a few pounds for the wait. How about you?

I have time (now) to kind of search online what others have to say about tapering before a marathon and I wanted to share with you some tips from our friend Luke M Davies…

Got 3 Tapering Tips One Week Before A Marathon For You.

If race day is fast approaching, do not stress! There is less than 3 weeks to go until I run the Virgin London Marathon and I want to share my methods with fellow runners. Read on to find out why relaxation and rest are the easiest and most effective ways to prepare for your big race.

  • Don’t Over-train – Rest Is Best
  • Relaxation and
  • Keep Up The Calories

Read more about it in details and let us know what you think.

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