2 Post Recovery Nutrition Source For Runners


Cilantro + yogurtThis may surprise a lot of you but, you may add 2 post recovery nutrition source for runners, and they are yogurt and cilantro – that’s according to my dentist.

No we’re not to eat and mix them together. Anyway, I was informed that they do have big impact in recovery after long runs, specially when taken in (separately) days following long runs like marathons.

I was really surprised to know about it!

Dentist Recommended: 2 Post Recovery Nutrition Source For Runners

I had an appointment with my dentist a few days after running the Los Angeles marathon a couple of years back. I started having minor canker sores and he noticed it right away.

He knows I’m a marathon runner and he told me that this is a pretty common effect after prolonged runs. And he made mention that the immune system is very weak and depleted with its power sources after a marathon.

According to him, “Recovery is very important and 2 post recovery nutrition source for runners were yogurt and cilantro”. Both sources he suggested, will help rebuild the immune system fast.

He made sure that the type of yogurt to eat should be those with live cultures…

Cilantro on the other hand can be mixed with most dishes and salads or taken in with a soup. He said eat a lot of it.

I forgot to mention that the dentist was a pure vegetarian so my question about the cilantro deal went out the door right away.

How about you, do you have any post recovery nutrition source for runners that you know? I’m talking about strange, unusual or those that you’ve never heard before, besides your normal bars and drinks and other stuff…

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