14 Sleeping Tips For Marathon Runners

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14 Sleeping Tips More Marathon Runners

I found an article on how to sleep better for during marathon training and did a video for you. It’s called 14 Sleeping Tips For Marathon Runners.

But before that, I’d like to share what the author has to say:

There is a direct connection between the amount and quality of sleep during your marathon training schedule and the performance on the road or track. Most runners need to learn how to sleep better during their marathon training program in order to improve their marathon running results

Sleeping Well Can Reduce Sports Injuries

The muscles are being built by the body during the night, the growth hormone is released while we are asleep. The long runs and strict marathon running plans all focus on the heart and lungs, the stretches focus on the flexibility of the muscles, but the real improvement and growth is happening at night.

So part of the marathon training program should be focused on the sleeping schedule and to make sure you get enough sleep. You need to try and sleep between 7-8 hours of sleep daily…Read Full Article

There you go…sleep well, train well, finish well…

Make sure to share, 14 Sleeping Tips For Marathon runners for you to fellow runners out there will you?

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