14 Days To A Running Habit


yellow running habitWhat do you know about 14 days to a running habit?

I was listening to a business audio tape on basic business success principles and I happen to hear a simple technique that may work if you wanted to develop a healthy habit – by way of a running regimen.

The speaker says, “Do something consciously or not repeatedly for a period of time and whatever it is …it becomes a habit”

These makes sense to me because humans are creatures of habit.

Check this out…

You’ve probably noticed that you wake up at the same time in the morning and go to (for example) work . You stop at the same donuts shop or convenient store for your cup of coffee or tea. You take the same route and probably recognize the person in the car next to you. And there is a high probability that you arrive at work almost at the same time daily…you got the idea?

Now, you may not like your job but you find yourself there for a long time (generally speaking). You have gotten yourself into a routine or a habit…

I know people who goes to the same restaurant, sit at the same table and order the same thing all the time. It’s quite amazing how habit takes over peoples lifestyle.

Experts agree that 14 days is a good number to get you or anybody doing something consistently without a miss to form a habit.

Here’s a challenge. Try and prove it yourself!

I’m a marathon runner and there are days when I don’t feel like running but since I’m on a (daily) training schedule, I just have to lace up and go and believe it or not, these days turn out to be great running days.

Yes, it has become a habit and even when not on training, I still find myself running 3 to 5 times a week and there’s at least a day where I do run for at least an hour. That’s on weekends.

My running did not start easy but knowing what I wanted to accomplish from running early on helped me a lot. I was in bad shape health-wise…things are not looking good at all.

I decided to try running short distances at first and then go full marathons. The “how to” and “when to” do it came into place by simply committing to a goal…

Let me suggest you do the same like;

1. Ask yourself. How can I become healthier person this year?

2. What kind of exercise(s) do I want to get involved with to get there.

3. Commit to a plan of action. Get help and be accountable.

4. Do 14 days to a running habit (if running is what you are thinking about). Any exercise activity has it benefits, so go ahead and find something you love do.

How may days do you think will get you to do a running habit besides 14?

Let me know.

For the meantime, consult your medical professional if running is right for you and then lace up and go for the miles…for fun!


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