Being Told To Eat Healthy Is Meaningless If You Can’t Compare Foods. Here’s A Good Method.

‘Got another one from, curated by Rajiv Narayan

When the food industry makes chips cheaper than carrots, they seem like they’re a better value. Here’s another way to think about value when you’re choosing foods.

Since The Accident He’s Been Able To Do Many Things Other Humans Can’t — And He’s Not Even Fictional

If you (like me) watch too many movies, you may not find this talk impressive right off the bat. But soon you’ll remember that Inspector Gadget isn’t a real person and Luke Skywalker’s awesome bionic hand in “The Empire Strikes Back” is … well, a costume. Back in the world of reality, the technology the speaker describes below is brand new andreally effing impressive.

By one minute in, Hugh Herr has shown us the feature that makes him very qualified to talk about this subject. At 14:17, the comments he makes about human abilities are quite stirring. And for the stunning grand finale, head on over to 16:45 — it’s worth it.

Zero Drop Running Shoes Unboxing And Review

This year I’m trying zero drop running shoes after 15 years and six marathons…we’ll see what happens.

To get things started i made this Video:Zero Drop Running Shoes Unboxing And Review

Why the switch? I was reading a book by Dr Starrett and I’m intrigued and ready to give it a run…

Here’s the title: Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally